Following the success of ERDB, ATE moved into other areas of high-performance acceleration products for vast data volumes into the Exabyte. Joining forces with NexQL, Crossroads and the latest addition to the ERDB family, Ancelus, ATE could take data acceleration and security to more places on a grander scale.

At the same time, ATE bought a stake in television formats company Little Nemo to help create and deliver innovative programmes, games and interactive content to the rapidly-merging TV and mobile platforms.

The data acceleration side of the business was renamed Celeram to better represent the wide spread of solutions offered. The name was derived from 'Celera' (Latin for 'speed') and RAM (to represent the use of memory rather than disk in many of the solutions provided).

We are also the official European distributor for Adaptive Signage — next generation Digital Signage that can automatically adapt to local conditions, and part of a group of companies that form KiMetrix, offering bespoke dashboards and real-time event-driven alerts for your Key Business Performance Indicators.

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